Maximum Class Size:  6 Students per Instructor

Course Duration:          5 Days

Prerequisite:                  None

Supplied Materials:      Training Manual for Each Student

Training Aids:                Various LimitorqueTM Actuators and Assorted Parts

Suggested Attendees: Plant Electricians, Mechanics, Electrical and Mechanical Foreman, Engineering and Operations Personnel

Course Description:     This one-week course will provide students with instruction in both mechanical and electrical operation of  LimitorqueTM SMB, SB, SBD, and HBC Actuators.  Through classroom instruction and hands-on lab experience, this course will provide the student with practical knowledge necessary for the operation, refurbishment, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance of LimitorqueTM Actuators.

The student will receive theory of operation of SMB-000 through SMB-4 and HBC-0 through HBC-7 along with hands-on disassembly / reassembly of various SMB and HBC actuators and a comprehensive written examination covering the entire course.

This course may be restructured to emphasize SM or SMA actuators to fit the client's requirements.

Terminal Course Objectives:      Upon successful course completion, the student will be able to:

   Visually identify each type of LimitorqueTM Actuator, describing their design and application differences.

   Perform all required preventative maintenance on a LimitorqueTM Actuator

   Perform disassembly, inspection, repair, adjustments, lubrication, and reassembly of LimitorqueTM Actuator models SMB-000 / 00 and SMB-0 through SMB-4.

   Describe LimitorqueTM Maintenance Updates and how they effect the installation, operation and maintenance of LimitorqueTM Actuators.

   Perform troubleshooting of both mechanical and electrical problems on malfunctioning LimitorqueTM Actuators.

Course Benefits:                 

   Increased knowledge of LimitorqueTM Actuator operation and terminology which in turn will improve workmanship, efficiency, and enhance troubleshooting efforts.

   Improved LimitorqueTM Actuator maintenance which results in fewer maintenance related actuator failures, improved actuator reliability, increased actuator life.

   Decrease the number of LimitorqueTM Actuator disassembly / reassembly errors.

   Elimination of common LimitorqueTM Actuator maintenance misconceptions (ie., filling the motor with grease, or filling the actuator gearbox with grease intended for the limit switch gearbox).


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